2021 Online 'Beginner' BEES Schools

Both options for our online BEES school will allow students to view the ‘Beginner’ BEES content but still interact online with each other and NCSU instructors. In two separate offerings (one week-long “self-paced” course and one all-day course), we will learn about honey bee biology, management, and industry including live Q&A using Zoom. Enroll today!

No Prior Experience Necessary

Live Online Discussions

Recorded lectures & demonstrations


Option 1: Week-long "self-paced" course

WHEN: February 10-17th

HOW: Students will enroll in the ‘Beginner’ level BEES courses and learn the online content on their own time and at their own pace. Afterwards, on Wednesday Feb. 17th at 7:00 pm EST, we will hold virtual “office hours” with Dr. Tarpy to discuss what you have learned and answer any lingering questions. Attendees will have a total of 30 days access to the course content, have the opportunity to take the comprehensive online quiz, and download their personalized eCertificate of Completion if they pass at 80% or better.


Option 2: Day-long "live" course

WHEN: Saturday, March 13th

HOW: Students will register and be sent instructions on how to attend a Zoom session. Registered attendees will watch each recorded BEES lecture (15 in total), each followed by a short live Q&A through Zoom. Attendees will receive copies of lecture notes and a personalized eCertificate of Completion.



The Bees, The Colony, Development, Division of Labor, Foraging


Intro to Beekeeping and Hive Management


The Hive, Equipment, Sting Safety, Colony Establishment, Working a Hive, Troubleshooting



Importance of Bees and Beekeeping to Society


Being a Good Neighbor, Honey and Hive Products, Pollination, Join the Beekeeping Community


Basic Honey Bee Biology and Life History


Total 15 lectures, 6.5+ hours total instruction


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