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No Prior Experience Necessary

Part-time hourly commitment

$20 per hour for up to 300 hours

  • Join the NC State Apiculture lab observing honey bee flight behavior


  • Low-contact honey bee field observations at our research apiary at Lake Wheeler research farms (transportation not provided)


  • Projects begin in mid-March and will continue into the Summer break


  • $20 per hour: 4-16 hours per week


  • Applications through the US Army educational outreach program by February 29th 2024. Select project ARO21 for this specific project. You will need asked to upload transcripts, resume, and contact information.

More information, please email Drs. Brad Metz or David R. Tarpy


Social insects afford a natural laboratory to study the potential trade-offs in how groups and individuals allocate their investments into reproduction. Our current USARL funding, “Effects of stress and body size on the reproductive potential of Apis mellifera males,” includes an objective to test such a trade-off by using RFID tags to track the flight behavior of drones (honey bee males) to see if less-fecund males compensate by taking earlier or more mating flights. However, the technology inherently limits sample size, necessitating the use of traditional observational data collection. We therefore aim to recruit four undergraduates to assist in daily recording of flight behavior and molecularly diagnose viral pathogens, which is a highly tractable paradigm for students to learn behavioral research, teamwork, nucleic acid extraction, quantitative PCR, and analytical skills.
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